KGS Group Commercial Services

KGS Group has substantial experience in engineering design of commercial and institutional buildings. The full range of engineering services, including geotechnical, environmental, mechanical, electrical, structural and civil/municipal, enables KGS to offer a “total service” to architects, contractors and building owners.


  • Design using a wide range of materials
  • Building envelope design and evaluation
  • 3D drafting & design for complex structures
  • Shop fabrication detailing
  • Vibration monitoring/analysis


  • Street pavement and parking facilities
  • Land drainage
  • Sewer & water service
  • Groundwater & geothermal heating/cooling systems


  • LEED™ accreditation
  • Commercial/institutional HVAC
  • Energy conservation/recovery systems
  • Plumbing & sanitary systems
  • Fire protection
  • Specialized environment design (museums, art galleries)


  • LEED™ accreditation
  • Power distribution & protection
  • Lighting & grounding systems
  • Energy audits
  • UPS design
  • Communications/structured cabling